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"Nandana puts YOU first every time."

He lives up to his communicated business motto and purpose, and the best advice YOU will receive from Nandana will certainly be the right advice every single time. With his keen business acumen, he is able to offer the most suitable advice based on your specific requirement. He is a fully licensed estate agent, and he handles his responsibilities with an unstoppable Positive Attitude, Integrity, Honesty, and great Reliability.

Nandana has resided in South-East Victoria for the past 14+ years. He has built his passion for real-estate gradually during this period while honing a keen understanding of the demography, vendors, and buyers.

He sincerely understands the importance of people trusting him with the sale of, what is often, their most valuable asset. This concern is evident in his manner of work, and he genuinely cares for his vendors and tends to their every need. It's not merely about selling a home; he always walks the extra mile to achieve excellent results on behalf of his clients. Nandana will assume each associated responsibility, right from the beginning of the process, and will assist his vendors in every conceivable capacity right until the day of the sale. This is why many of our clients explicitly request for him, to handle a sale on their behalf. Nandana ensures that the selling process remains a stress-free experience and, also, that it is a comfortable journey for you throughout.

Nandana has the necessary educational qualifications, expertise and skills for continued success in this vibrant industry. He holds an MSc in Information Systems from Monash University, where he developed a high level of negotiation and professional skills. Furthermore, he was involved in handling multimillion-dollar projects with varying degrees of difficulty and challenging stakeholders. This gives him an added advantage when it comes to negotiating the best outcome for the sale of your home.

In addition to his many credentials, he also has the reach of the overseas market through his "Real Allianceā€ business. The main focus of this entity is to successfully bring in foreign investors to purchase properties in Australia. With this additional avenue and the, already, wide reach of @Realty, Australia, the exposure your property will receive is bound to be unparalleled and highly significant.

Pick up the phone today and call Nandana immediately! Ask him as many questions as you like on everything related to the sale of your property and its management. He will expertly guide you through the process, every step of the way.

Have a lovely day!


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There are 4 Opens Listings

$475,000 - $505,000

$475,000 - $522,500

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There are 4 Sold Listings


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