Become an Agent

Become an Agent

Most experienced real estate sales professionals are accustomed to the division of the commission earned between themselves, (the sales person(s) who produces the result) and the ‘office’ that provides the operational base. The result is that the average sales person usually earns in the region of 45% of the total commission available from any sale. In some cases, a few high achieving sales professionals can earn more.​

@realty now welcomes you to your new property sales career opportunity, where you can operate autonomously under a dynamic, full-service brand – as an alternative to the risk and expense of setting up your own office. Gone are the days of time wasting sales meetings, rostered office hours, vendor paid marketing targets and other regulations. @realty provides you with the ability to operate differently from your competitors via a purpose-built comprehensive software platform that gives you a one stop sales operating system for all types of sales. You will be able to track and manage your listings all the way through the sales process, from your initial meeting with your client through to settlement.​

Better still, you also get to use this software platform for your client presentations, which includes the ability to create a CMA report, flyers, brochures, e-newsletters and other marketing tools. The @realty software platform provides you with a full range of sales and marketing tools that assist you in better servicing your clients.​

However, the most exciting part of this opportunity is that for the same effort and results that you are achieving today, you can virtually double your income by earning the vast majority of total commission from each of your sales!


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