Gavin Blake

Gavin Blake Real Estate Agent

Gavin Blake


Redlands City

Sales Associate

Does the right agent make a difference? Absolutely!

Over the past 15years I have been selling real-estate, I have seen what helps properties sell and what doesn't.

Selling property is more than hoping a buyer buys your home, it’s about making sure that everything is being done that can be done. I’m committed to thoroughly understanding my client’s options and giving them the best possible advice, whilst approaching everything with honesty and professionalism.

Working together is a partnership.

It takes both of us working in sync to create the best possible outcome.
If at any stage you are not completely happy with the level of service that you receive, and your concerns cannot be rectified within 24 business hours, I will agree to cancel our agreement together without notice and refund any unused marketing funds. No questions asked.