Vendors Look to Social Media for Faster Results

April 13, 2018 | JJ Taylor

New data shows vendors can potentially sell their home faster – and reduce their advertising costs – by choosing to list their home through @realty’s new Home Booster social media platform.

Home Booster, which is used by @realty agents Australia-wide, has generated a total of more than 21,000 leads for the 50 vendors who have listed their home on the platform in recent months.

@realty agents list the home on behalf of the vendor, with each Home Boost costing as little as $200 (now reduced to $165). Home Booster allows agents to target homebuyers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter within proximity of the listed property, retarget buyers who have previously visited @realty listings or have demonstrated online activity suggesting an interest in real estate.

@realty director JJ Taylor says the Home Booster platform is a low cost, highly targeted way for vendors to increase the visibility of their listing.

“Using social media to sell real estate is becoming quite a common practice, but @realty offers vendors the advantage of purpose-built software designed to showcase listings and generate leads,” he said.

“The Home Booster includes all of the details of the listing and links through to our website, making it easy for potential home buyers to get in touch with our @realty agents to ask questions and arrange an inspection.

“While many of our agents still utilise traditional advertising methods such as advertising websites, newspaper ads and signboards, the social media Home Booster is particularly effective because it is not a ‘static’ tool.

“Agents can use analytics to tailor the ad to audiences and we often see people tagging their family and friends, so the ad’s reach grows both organically and via the data matching software that runs on the back end of the platform.

“In fact, for every listing on our website that has used Home Booster, the social media campaigns have generated 407 unique visitors that have clicked the ad to view the listing, so it’s a very powerful way to get more people looking at your property.”

Mr Taylor says Home Booster is just one type of custom software available to assist with achieving a fast sale at top dollar.

” In addition to Home Booster we also have Click2Buy which is an ebay-style platform our agents use when they have multiple offers on a property,” he said.

“Click2Buy allows buyers to compete on an even playing field by viewing any offers made by other prospective purchasers in real-time, and giving vendors the opportunity to see what buyers think their property is worth before accepting an offer.

“@realty is really committed to establishing itself as the most innovative and tech savvy agency in Australia. Our unique business model and range of custom technology and software recently led us to win the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Innovation Award.”